The Ghost of Newark! (click image to see all)

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Ghost Image Gallery

Ghost Image Gallery

6/9 Playlist

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Rainbow – Highway Star (live)
Aerosmith – Walkin’ The Dog
Biters – Let It Roll
LA Guns – Magdalaine
Heavy Bones – Where The Livin’ Is Easy
Nelson – Bad For You
KISS – Save Your Love
Accept – Rise Of Chaos
Krokus – Bedside Radio
Fastway – These Dreams
UFO – Lights Out ‘95
Edguy – England
Keel – Speed Demon
Riverdogs – Something Inside
Van Halen – “Dirty Movies”
Mr. Big – Everybody Needs A Little Trouble
Glenn Hughes – Four Sticks
Blue Murder – Black-Hearted Woman
Iced Earth – Great Heathen Army
Iron Maiden – Déjà vu
DIO – Here’s To You
Alice Cooper – Paranoiac Personality
AC/DC – The Razor’s Edge
Blackthorne – We Won’t Be Forgotten
Alestorm – No Grave But The Sea

6/2 Playlist

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Mark Slaughter – Hey You
KIX – Rock & Roll Overdose
Roxx Gang – No Easy Way Out
Arcade – All Shook Up
Danzig – Devil On Highway 9
Circus Of Power – Heaven & Hell
Gene Simmons – Man Of 1000 Faces
Sammy Hagar – Two Sides Of Love
Extreme – Stop The World
Rough Cutt – Take Her
Great White – I’m Alright
London Quireboys – I Don’t Love You Anymore
Little Caesar – Same Old Story
Metallica – Disposable Heroes
Dream Evil – Antidote
Black Sabbath – Electric Funeral
John Norum – Face The Truth
Judas Priest – Stained Class
SEA – The Stranger Within
Scorpions – Holiday
Motley Crue – Rat Like Me
Slash’s Snakepit – Beggars and Hangers On
Blackfish – Easy As Saying Goodbye

5/26 Playlist

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Vandenberg – Friday Night
Mr. Big – 1992
DIO – Twisted
Twisted Sister – Like A Knife In The Back
Alice Cooper – Stolen Prayer
Neverland – Lean On Me
Vince Neil – Look In Her Eyes
Adrenaline Mob – Till The Head Explodes
Queensryche – The Thin Line
Bruce Dickinson – The Tower
Riverdogs – Welcome To The New Disaster
AC/DC – Rock Your Heart Out
Steelheart – Sticky Side Up
Def Leppard – Hallucinate
Thin Lizzy – Thunder And Lightning
Britny Fox – Shine On
KISS – Tomorrow And Tonight
D.A.D. – Breaking Them Heart To Heart
Ratt – One Good Lover
Ozzy Osbourne – Don’t Blame Me
Accept – Neon Nights
Van Halen – D.O.A.
Babylon AD – So Savage The Heart
Junkyard – Walk Away
Roger Waters – Smell The Roses

5/19 Playlist

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Guns ‘N Roses – Move To The City
Steel Panther – I Got What You Want
Whitesnake – Restless Heart
Queen – Fun It
TNT – Indian Summer
Stone Fury – Shannon You Lose
Inglorious – High Class Woman
David Lee Roth – A Little Ain’t Enough
Silent Rage – Running On Empty
Tyketto – Catch My Fall
Joe Perry – Hold On Me
Smashed Gladys – 17 Goin’ On Crazy
Black ‘N Blue – I’m The King
Saxon – Battalions Of Steel
Savatage – Of Rage And war
MSG – Don’t Stop Me Now
Waysted – Love Loaded
Yngwie Malmsteen – As Above, So Below
Shark Island – Paris Calling
Britny Fox – Black & White
AC/DC – Squealer
Motorhead – Born To Lose
Wildhearts – Shame On Me
Shotgun Messiah – Shout It Out
BulletBoys – 1-800-Goodbye
Stryper – C’Mon Rock

5/12 Playlist

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Warrant – Louder Harder Faster
Vinnie Vincent Invasion – Shoot You Full Of Love
Cats In Boots – Coast To Coast
Lita Ford – Gotta Let Go
Jorn – Fire To The Sun
Black Sabbath – I
Skid Row – Beggar’s Day
Magpie Salute – Omission
Little Caesar – In Your Arms
Aerosmith – Gypsy Boots
Deep Purple – One Night In Vegas
UFO – We Belong To The Night
Coney Hatch – Devil’s Deck
KISS – Rock Bottom
Scorpions – Rhythm Of Love
House Of Lords – The Other Option
Rush – New World Man
The Cult – Rain
Queen – Las Palabras De Amor
Rhino Bucket – Everything You Do
Faster Pussycat – Nonstop To Nowhere
Sister Whiskey – I’d Lie To You For Your Love
Dokken – Sleepless Nights
Darkness – Love Is Not The Answer
Brides Of Destruction – I Don’t Care
Poison – Wasteland
D Generation – Rise & Fall

5/5 Playlist

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Black Diamonds – Vampires Of The Night
Quiet Riot – Run For Cover
Crazy Lixx – Hunter Of The Heart
KISS – No, No, No
Klassik ’78 – Standing Tall
Alice Cooper – Novocaine
Tesla – Makin’ Magic
Iced Earth – Seven Headed Whore
Iron Maiden – Be Quick Or Be Dead
Rainbow – Tarot Woman
Every Mother’s Nightmare – Slip And Fall
Night Ranger – Jamie
Hardline – Dr. Love
Lillian Axe – My Number
Rockett Love – One Of These Days
Ratt – Never Use Love
Adrenaline Mob – King Of The Ring
Lizzy Borden – Psychodrama
Loudness – 1000 Eyes
LA Guns – No Mercy
The Biters – Stone Cold Love
London Quireboys – Mayfair
The Poorboys – Never That Easy
Cheap Trick – Long Time Coming
Motley Crue – Porno Star
Ozzy Osbourne – Road To Nowhere
Aldo Nova – Blood On The Bricks

4/28 Playlist

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KISS – Comin’ Home
Rhino Bucket – Hello Citizens
New York Dolls – Bad Girl
Cheap Trick – One On One
Glenn Hughes – My Town
Queen – Flick Of The Wrist
Def Leppard – Run Riot
Gary Moore – Speak For Yourself
Bruce Dickinson – No Lies
Doro – Hellraiser
Manowar – Secret Of Steel
Yngwie Malmsteen – Hold On
Queensryche – En Force
Triumph – Too Much Thinking
Bonfire – Powertrain
Circle II Circle – Watching In Silence
Pretty Maids – Partners In Crime
DIO – Hungry For Heaven
Fastway – Leave The Light On
Mr. Big – I Forget To Breathe
Alice Cooper – Love Is A Loaded Gun
King Korba – The Crunch
Tora Tora – Guilty
Michael Monroe – One Foot Gotta The Grave
Black Star Riders – Letting Go Of Me

Def Leppard / Poison / Tesla run riot in CT (click image to see all)

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DL Image Gallery

DL Image Gallery

4/21 Playlist

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Britny Fox – Rock Revolution
Airbourne – Blonde, Bad and Beautiful
Dangerous Toys – Gimme No Lip
Tom Keifer – Cold Day In Hell
Junkyard – Rome Is Burning
Great White – Never Trust A Pretty Face
Raging Slam – Anywhere But Here
MSG – Desert Song (live)
Dead Daisies – With You And I (live)
Aerosmith – Combination
Electric Angels – Lies My Father Told Me
Bon Jovi – Social Disease
Red Reign – Not That Way
Thin Lizzy – Waiting For An Alibi
House Of Lords – Reign Of Fire
Babylon AD – Maryanne
Warrant – Devil Dancer
LA Guns – Some Lie 4 Love
Paul Stanley – Ain’t Quite Right
Metallica – Here Comes Revenge
Judas Priest – Exciter
Deep Purple – Johnny’s Band
Dirty White Boy – Let’s Spend Momma’s Money
D.A.D. – Grow Or Pay
Y&T – Girl Crazy