8/14 Playlist

Hellacopters – Where The Action Is
Motorhead – Heroes
Serious Black – Serious Black Magic
WASP – Cocaine Cowboys
Van Halen – Romeo Delight
The Poodles – Love Is Gone
Poison – Ride The Wind
Montrose – Colorblind
UFO – Love Is Forever
Triumph – Somebody’s Out There
Derailer – Die
AC/DC – Problem Child
D.A.D. – Helpyourselfish
Quiet Riot –Roll This Joint
Tangier – In Time
Badlands – Winter’s Call
Sator – Your Up Get’s Me Down
KISS – Flaming Youth
Skid Row – Psychotherapy
Sweeet / Lynch – Promised Land
White Lion – Lady Of The Valley
Pretty Maids – Sad To See You Suffer
Deep Purple – You Fool No One
Black Sabbath – After All (The Dead)
Accept – What’s Done Is Done
Rush – Manhattan Project

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