5/12 Playlist

Warrant – Louder Harder Faster
Vinnie Vincent Invasion – Shoot You Full Of Love
Cats In Boots – Coast To Coast
Lita Ford – Gotta Let Go
Jorn – Fire To The Sun
Black Sabbath – I
Skid Row – Beggar’s Day
Magpie Salute – Omission
Little Caesar – In Your Arms
Aerosmith – Gypsy Boots
Deep Purple – One Night In Vegas
UFO – We Belong To The Night
Coney Hatch – Devil’s Deck
KISS – Rock Bottom
Scorpions – Rhythm Of Love
House Of Lords – The Other Option
Rush – New World Man
The Cult – Rain
Queen – Las Palabras De Amor
Rhino Bucket – Everything You Do
Faster Pussycat – Nonstop To Nowhere
Sister Whiskey – I’d Lie To You For Your Love
Dokken – Sleepless Nights
Darkness – Love Is Not The Answer
Brides Of Destruction – I Don’t Care
Poison – Wasteland
D Generation – Rise & Fall

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