3/8 Playlist

Marco Mendoza, Viva La Rock, Viva La Rock
Sea Hags, Back To The Grind, Sea Hags
David Lee Roth, Ladies’ Night In Buffalo, Eat ‘Em And Smile
Shiraz Lane, Harder To Breathe, Carnival Days
Rush, Body Electric, Grace Under Pressure
Ty Tabor, Freight Train, Alien Beans
Saigon Kick, The Lizard, The Lizard
Bruce Dickinson, Real World, The Chemical Wedding
Saxon, Roadies’ Song, Thunderbolt
Def Leppard, Lady Strange, High ‘N Dry
Riot V, Victory, Amour Of Light
Black Sabbath, Nightmare, The Eternal Idol
AC/DC, Rising Power, Flick Of The Switch
Fair Warning, Longing For Love, Fair Warning
Motley Crue, Danger, Shout At The Devil
Quiet Riot, Sign Of The Times, Condition Critical
Bon Jovi, When We Were Us, This House Is Not For Sale
White Lion, Hungry, Pride
Cry Wolf, On The Run, Crush
Judas Priest, Never The Heroes, Firepower
Deep Purple, Hungry Daze, Perfect Strangers
Coreleoni, Walk On Water, Greatest Hits Part 1
Vinnie Vincent, Animal, Invasion
Michael Schenker Fest, Heart And Soul, Resurrection
Scorpions, Kicks After Six, Crazy World
Dokken, In My Dreams, Return To The East

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