2/6 Playlist

Judas Priest – Firepower
Love / Hate – Blackout In The Red Room
Twisted Sister – Leader Of The Pack
Wendy O. Williams – Pedal To The Metal
Ratt – Top Secret
The Poodles – Number One
Tesla – Rock Me To The Top
Jimmy Page – Wasting My Time
Bonham – Change Of A Season
Badlands – Soul Stealer
T. Rex – Buick McKaine
Ace Frehley – Past The Milky Way
Johnny Thunders – Born To Lose
Black Crowes – Blackberry
Britny Fox – Don’t Hide
Aerosmith – Jailbait
Shooting Gallery – Teenage Nervous Breakdown
DIO – Another Lie
Manowar – Blood Of My Enemies
Ozzy Osbourne – Goodbye To Romance
Klassik ’78 – World On Fire
Cheap Trick – Dancin’ The Night Away
American Dog – Got You By A Chain
Motley Crue – Power To The Music
Hair Of The Dog – The Party Ain’t Over
Little Caesar – Time Enough For That
Scorpions – Backstage Queen

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