Brrrr! 1/8 Playlist

Star Star – Fly Boy
Twisted Sister – What You Don’t Know (Sure Can Hurt You)
Crashdiet – We Are The Legion
Dokken – Tooth And Nail
Rush – Cold Fire
Black Sabbath – Killing Yourself To Live
UFO – Mr. Freeze
Steeler – Cold Day In Hell
Whitesnake – Lonely Days Lonely Nights
Pretty Maids – Children Of Tomorrow
Lies, Deciept And Treachery – Devil
Tesla – Change In The Weather
Jerusalem Slim – The World Is Watching
Obsession – Marshall Law
Scorpions – Polar Nights
Ace Frehley – Spanish Castle Magic
VAiN – Icy
KIX – Nice On Ice
Pariah – Love To Turn You On
White Lion – Cherokee
Skid Row – The Threat
Tyla – Here Forever
Vinnie Vincent Invasion – That Time Of Year
Bang Tango – Drivin’
Deadheads – Blackout
David Lee Roth – 40 Below

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