11/20 Playlist

Greatwhite – ‘Lil Mama
LA Guns – A Drop Of Bleach
Aerosmith – Last Child
BulletBoys – THC Groove
DIO – Hey Angel
Appice – Future Past
Ozzy Osbourne – Tattooed Dancer
Coverdale / Page – Take Me For A Little While
Black Star Riders – Cold War Love
Yngwie Malmsteen – Dragonfly
Black Aces – Good Woman (Gone Bad)
Starz – Violation
Triumph – Never Say Never
Rush – Hemispheres : Prelude
Iron Maiden – Still Life
Savatage – All That I Bleed
Circus Of Power – Hard Drving Sister
Freak Of Nature – What Am I
Ratt – Take A Chance
Jesper Binzer – Dying Is Easy
House Of Lords – Demons Down
Wildhorses – Burn It Up
Babylon AD – One Million Miles
Winger – Hungry
KISS – King Of The Mountain
UFO – River Of Deceipt

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