11/6 Dennis Dunaway guests!

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Scorpions – Don’t Make No Promises
Circus Of Power – Fast & Easy
Motley Crue – Poison Apples
New York Dolls – Who Are The Mystery Girls?
Alice Cooper – Gutter Cats vs The Jets
Alice Cooper – Dead Babies
Alice Cooper – I Love The Dead
MSG – Looking Out From Nowhere
Queensryche – Screaming In Digital
Queen – She Makes Me
Appice – Monsters And Heroes
Manowar – Kill With Power
Judas Priest – Fever
Montrose – Spaceage Sacrifice
Black Country Communion – Awake
Little Angels – Kicking Up Dust
Maryann Cotton – Bitch Bitching
Lillian Axe – Deepfreeze
Lita Ford – Don’t Let Me Down Tonight
Pretty Boy Floyd – Feel The Heat

10/30 Happy Halloween!

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Iron Maiden – From Here To Eternity
Krokus – Hellraiser
Doro – Something Wicked This Way Comes
Leatherwolf – Bad Moon Rising
Kill For Thrills – Ghosts And Monsters
Jackyl – Just Like A Devil
Hellacopters – The Exorcist
Dangerous Toys – Scared
WASP – Sleeping In The Fire
Ghost – From The Pinnacle To The Pit
Black Sabbath – When Death Calls
King Diamond – Eye Of The Witch
Primal Fear – Back From Hell
Europe – Wolves
EZO – Black Moon
KISS – The Devil Is Me
Ozzy Osbourne – Little Dolls
Pentagram – Sihn Of The Wolf
Anthrax – Medusa
Overkill – Evil Never Dies
Lionheart – Don’t Pay The Ferryman
Alice Cooper – Cold Ethyl
AC/DC – Evil Walks
Metal Church – My Favorite Nightmare
Judas Priest – Hell Patrol
DIO – Scream
Rob Zombie – Meet The Creeper
Dirkschneider – Monsterman

Black Star Riders Heavy Fire on Sweden (click image to see all)

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BSR Image Gallery

BSR Image Gallery

10/23 Playlist

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Hardcore Superstar – Have Mercy On Me
Tora Tora – 28 Days
Britny Fox – Six Guns Loaded
LA Guns – Don’t Bring A Knive To A Gun Fight
Bigfoot – The Fear
TNT – Take Me Down (Fallen Angel)
Poison – Play Dirty
Brian Vollmer – Get Your Hands Dirty
Roxy Blue – Luv On Me
Jetboy – Stomp It (Down To The Bricks)
Revolution Saints – Running On The Edge
Van Halen – Summer Nights
Dokken – Will The Sun Rise
Scorpions – We Let It Rock, You Let It Roll
Gary Moore – Victims Of The Future
Rainbow – The Shed
Europe – Election Day
Kane Roberts – Wild Nights
KISS – All The Way
OZ – Bone Crusher
Iron Maiden – Brave New World
Helloween – Pumpkins United
Lizzy Borden – There Will Be Blood Tonight
Quiet Riot – Put Up Or Shut Up
Guns ‘N Roses – Pretty Tied Up

10/16 Playlist

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Heaven & Earth – Hard To Kill
Iron Maiden – Sun & Steel
Def Leppard – Billy’s Got A Gun
Darkness – Lay Down With Me Barbara
Fastway – After Midnight
Black Sabbath – Time Machine
Pink Cream 69 – Man Of Sorrow
Black Country Communion – Over My Head
Whitesnake – Gambler
Deep Purple – Sun Goes Down
Ronnie Montrose – Heavy Traffic
King’s X – Picture
AC/DC – Rock & Roll Damnation
Autograph – All Emotions
Night Ranger – Color Of Your Smile
Melidian – Fire Up The Heart
Smashed Gladys – Play Dirty
Aerosmith – Critical Mass
KISS – Within
Queensryche – Best I Can
Madame Mayhem – War You Started
White Lion – Goin’ Home Tonight
Judas Priest – Last Rose Of Summer
Zebra – He’s Making You The Fool
Vice – Where Do I Belong?
Tyketto – Nothing But Love (live)

10/9 Playlist ~ Rob De Luca guests!

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Saints Of The Underground – American Girl
Sons Of Apollo – Coming Home
Extreme – Smoke Signals
Badlands – Show Me The Way
Alice Cooper – Genuine American Girl
KIX – Cool Kids
Giant – Innocent Days
Krokus – Rock The Nation
Twisted Sister – Destroyer
Rush – In The Mood
Josh Todd And The Conflict – Inside
Judas Priest – Fever
Ozzy Osbourne – Over The Mountain
KISS – Talk To Me
Gypsy Rose – Borderline
LA Guns – Baby Gotta Fever
UFO – Honey Bee
Spread Eagle – Shine
Van Halen – Where Have All The Good Times Gone?
WASP – Shoot From The Hip
Motley Crue – Starry Eyes
Gypsy Pistolero – Un Hombre Sin Rostro Pistolero
Faster Pussycat – Please Dear
Freedom Hawk – Blood Red Sky

10/2 Playlist

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Bruce Dickinson – 1000 Points Of Light
Tom Keifer – It’s Not Enough
Don Dokken – 1000 Miles Away
David Lee Roth – Sensible Shoes
Joey Tempest – Don’t Go Changing On Me
Jon Bon Jovi – Destination Anywhere
Arcade – Angry
Kee Of Hearts – Mama Don’t Cry
Joe Lynn Turner – Losing You
Phil Lynott – Dear Miss Lonely Hearts
Vinnie Vincent – Full Shred
Brian May – Driven By You
Bob Kulick – London
Tesla – Last Action Hero
EZO – Wild Talk
Screaming Jets – Better
Act Of Defiance – MIA
Fates Warning – Through Different Eyes
Iron Maiden – Another Life
DIO – King Of Rock & Roll
UFO – Too Rolling Stoned
Salty Dog – Where The Sun Don’t Shine
Junkyard – Styrofoam Cup
KISS – Let Me Know
Johnny Crash – Crack Of Dawn
Every Mother’s Nightmare – Swing Again

Last In Line in Sweden (click image to see all)

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LIL Image Gallery

LIL Image Gallery

9/25 Playlist

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Yngwie Malmsteen – Faster Than The Speed Of Light
Thin Lizzy – Leave This Town
Jeff Scott Soto – Inside Outside
AC/DC – Nick Of Time
Autograph – Every Generation
Y&T – Temptation
Triumph – Fight The Good Fight
Warrant – Perfect
Dokken – So Many Tears
Hell In The Club – The Misfit
Black Sabbath – Back Street Kids
Circus Of Power – Vices
Great White – I Want You
Judas Priest – Judas Rising
Adrenaline Mob – The Killers Inside
Accept – Restless And Wild
Loudness – Crazy Doctor
Savatage – Ghost In The Ruins
HEAT – Eye Of The Storm
Deep Purple – Speed King
Blue Murder – She Knows
Frehley’s Comet – The Acorn Is Spinning
Def Leppard – Dangerous
David Lee Roth – Perfect Timing
Wayward Sons – Alive
Gilby Clarke – Jail Guitar Doors

Deep Purple’s Infinite Summer (click image to see all)

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DP Image Gallery

DP Image Gallery