3/15 Playlist

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Kiss, Watchin’ You, Alive
WASP, Doctor Rockter, Re-Idolized
Tesla, MP3, Simplicity
Michael Schenker Fest, The Girl With The Stars In Her Eyes, Ressurrection
Extreme, Money, Pornograffitti
Van Halen, Drop Dead Legs, 1984
Judas Priest, Evil Never Dies, Firepower
Spinal Tap, Sex Farm, Soundtrack
AC/DC, Love At First Feel, Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap
Dizzy Reed, This Don’t Look Like Vegas, Rock & Roll Ain’t Easy
Dogs D’Amour, Victims Of Success, Straight?!
Starz, Outfit, Coliseum Rock
LA Guns, Over The Edge, Hollywood Vampires
Keel, Fool For A Pretty Face, Larger Than Live
Buckcherry, Place In The Sun, Timebomb
Rainbow, Waiting For A Sign, single
DIO, Bring DownThe Rain, Strange Highways
Black Star Riders, All Hell Breaks Loose, All Hell Breaks Loose
Everest, Loaded, Mad Love 70
Black Sabbath, Hot Line, Born Again
Metal Church, Ton Of Bricks, The Dark
Europe, Stormwind, Wings Of Tomorrow
House Of Lords, Edge Of Your Life, S/T
Alice Cooper, Is Anyone Home?, Fistful Of Alice
Dead Daisies, Rise Up, Burn It Down

3/8 Playlist

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Marco Mendoza, Viva La Rock, Viva La Rock
Sea Hags, Back To The Grind, Sea Hags
David Lee Roth, Ladies’ Night In Buffalo, Eat ‘Em And Smile
Shiraz Lane, Harder To Breathe, Carnival Days
Rush, Body Electric, Grace Under Pressure
Ty Tabor, Freight Train, Alien Beans
Saigon Kick, The Lizard, The Lizard
Bruce Dickinson, Real World, The Chemical Wedding
Saxon, Roadies’ Song, Thunderbolt
Def Leppard, Lady Strange, High ‘N Dry
Riot V, Victory, Amour Of Light
Black Sabbath, Nightmare, The Eternal Idol
AC/DC, Rising Power, Flick Of The Switch
Fair Warning, Longing For Love, Fair Warning
Motley Crue, Danger, Shout At The Devil
Quiet Riot, Sign Of The Times, Condition Critical
Bon Jovi, When We Were Us, This House Is Not For Sale
White Lion, Hungry, Pride
Cry Wolf, On The Run, Crush
Judas Priest, Never The Heroes, Firepower
Deep Purple, Hungry Daze, Perfect Strangers
Coreleoni, Walk On Water, Greatest Hits Part 1
Vinnie Vincent, Animal, Invasion
Michael Schenker Fest, Heart And Soul, Resurrection
Scorpions, Kicks After Six, Crazy World
Dokken, In My Dreams, Return To The East

3/1 Michael Sweet of Stryper guests!

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Hardcore Superstar – Bring The House Down
Pretty Boy Floyd – So Young So Bad
Aerosmith – Seasons Of Wither
Sweet / Lynch – Walk
Dokken – When Heaven Comes Down
Y&T – Summertime Girls (acoustic)
Stryper – You Know What To Do
W.E.T. – Urgent
Judas Priest – Killing Machine
Alestorm – Set Sail And Conquer
DIO – Evil Eyes
Loudness – Go For Broke
Stryper – Take It To The Cross
Chickenfoot – Turnin’ Left
Alice Cooper – Hurricane Eyes
Monster Magnet – Ejection
KISS – Easy As It Seems
David Bowie – Sweet Head
Andrew W.K. – I Don’t Know Anything

2/21 Playlist

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Alice Cooper – Lock Me Up
Motley Crue – On With The Show
LA Guns – It’s All The Same To Me
Cats In Boots – Heaven On A Heartbeat
Phil Campbell’s Bastard Sons – Ringleader
Accept – Donation
Iron Maiden – Phantom Of The Opera
Bang Tang – Breaking Up A Heart Of Stone
Princess pang – Trouble In Paradise
Gene Simmons – Are You Ready?
Van Halen – Little Guitars
Circus Of Power – Rock Show
Jackyl – Horns Up
Warrant – Ridin’ High
Little Caesar – Vegas
Hanoi Rocks – Million Miles Away
Amunition – Time
Black ‘N Blue – Chains Around Heaven
Skid Row – Here I Am
BulletBoys – From Out Of The Skies
Overkill – Old Wounds, New Scars
Black Sabbath – Hole In The Sky
Visigoth – Steel And Silver
Triumph – All The Way
MSG – Tales Of Mystery
John Sykes – Do Or Die
Zebra – Better Not Call

2/14 Playlist

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Scorpions – Is The Anybody There?
Loudness – Soul On Fire
Queen – Dead On Time
Mr. Big – Green Tinted Sixties Mind
Judas Priest – Firepower
UFO – Hot ‘N Ready
AC/DC – Put The Finger On You
KIX – Love Pollution
KISS – Room Service
Montrose – Twenty Flight Rock
Y&T – Life Life Life
Whitesnake – Bad Boys
Silent Rage – All Night Long
Electric Boys – All Lips ‘N Hips
Rush – The Camera Eye
Savatage – Turns To Me
Anvil – Ego
Queensryche – Blinded
Iron Maiden – Fates Warning
Joe Satriani – Energy
Def Leppard – Ride Into The Sun
White Tiger – Love / Hate
Dokken – Don’t Lie To Me
Chris Ousey – Gone Long Gone
Black Veil Brides – The Last One

2/6 Playlist

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Judas Priest – Firepower
Love / Hate – Blackout In The Red Room
Twisted Sister – Leader Of The Pack
Wendy O. Williams – Pedal To The Metal
Ratt – Top Secret
The Poodles – Number One
Tesla – Rock Me To The Top
Jimmy Page – Wasting My Time
Bonham – Change Of A Season
Badlands – Soul Stealer
T. Rex – Buick McKaine
Ace Frehley – Past The Milky Way
Johnny Thunders – Born To Lose
Black Crowes – Blackberry
Britny Fox – Don’t Hide
Aerosmith – Jailbait
Shooting Gallery – Teenage Nervous Breakdown
DIO – Another Lie
Manowar – Blood Of My Enemies
Ozzy Osbourne – Goodbye To Romance
Klassik ’78 – World On Fire
Cheap Trick – Dancin’ The Night Away
American Dog – Got You By A Chain
Motley Crue – Power To The Music
Hair Of The Dog – The Party Ain’t Over
Little Caesar – Time Enough For That
Scorpions – Backstage Queen

1/30 Playlist

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Poison – Let Me Go To The Show
AC/DC – Go Down
Eric Singer Project – Four Day Creep
Saxon – They Play Rock & Roll
MSG – I’m Gonna Make You Mine
Black Sabbath – Slipping Away
Junkyard – Life Sentence
War & Peace – Can’t Slow Down
Ratt – You Think You’re Tough
Dangerous Toys – Demon Bell
Alice Cooper – This Maniac Is In Love With You
RoughHouse – Tease Me Please Me
KISS – See You In Your Dreams
Iron Maiden – Somewhere In Time
Queensryche – Disconnected
Deep Purple – Sail Away
Krokus – Easy Rocker
Judas Priest – Lightning Strike
Armored Saint – Stricken By Fate
Lee Aaron – Heart Fix
TNT – Intuition
Accept – Breaker
Great Van Fleet – Flower Power
Motorhead – Louie Louie
D.A.D. – Its After Dark

1/15 Playlist

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Metallica – Trapped Under Ice
Judas Priest – Lightning Strike
Saxon – Bad Boys (Like To Roll And Roll)
Heaven & Hell – Rock And Roll Angel
Motorhead – Motorhead
Gary Moore – Nothing To Lose
W.E.T. – Watch The Fire
Van Halen – Humans Being
Queen – All Dead All Dead (original take)
The Darkness – Happiness
Tora Tora – Revolution Day
Def Leppard – Wasted
Waysted – Black & Blue
Tattoo Rodeo – Everybody Wants What She’s Got
BulletBoys – D-Evil
Y&T – Beatuful Dreamer
Black Label Society – All That Once Shined
KISS – The Jungle
Freedom Hawk – Lost In Space
Sainted Sinners – Waiting Until The Countdown Begins
Rainbow – Magic
Axel Rudi Pell – Before I Die
Rhino Bucket – Ride With Yourself
Circus Of Power – Hot Rod Girls
Cinderella – Move Over
Vandenberg’s Moonkings – Love Runs Out

Brrrr! 1/8 Playlist

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Star Star – Fly Boy
Twisted Sister – What You Don’t Know (Sure Can Hurt You)
Crashdiet – We Are The Legion
Dokken – Tooth And Nail
Rush – Cold Fire
Black Sabbath – Killing Yourself To Live
UFO – Mr. Freeze
Steeler – Cold Day In Hell
Whitesnake – Lonely Days Lonely Nights
Pretty Maids – Children Of Tomorrow
Lies, Deciept And Treachery – Devil
Tesla – Change In The Weather
Jerusalem Slim – The World Is Watching
Obsession – Marshall Law
Scorpions – Polar Nights
Ace Frehley – Spanish Castle Magic
VAiN – Icy
KIX – Nice On Ice
Pariah – Love To Turn You On
White Lion – Cherokee
Skid Row – The Threat
Tyla – Here Forever
Vinnie Vincent Invasion – That Time Of Year
Bang Tango – Drivin’
Deadheads – Blackout
David Lee Roth – 40 Below

Happy New Year! 1/1 Playlist

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Rainbow – LA Connection
Mama’s Boys – Straight Forward, No Looking Back
David Lee Roth – King Of The Hill
KISS – Larger Than Life
Iron Maiden – Back In The Village
DIO – Between Two Hearts
American Dog – Fishbowl Blues
Great White – Nightmares
Backyard Babies – Degenerated
Blue Murder – Billy
Scorpions – Blackout
Loudness – Ares Lament
Voodoo Circle – Running Away From Love
Lynch Mob – Cold Is The Heart
Child’s Play – When Hell Freezes Over
Hardline – Bad Taste
Danger Danger – Under The Gun
Wildside – Heart + Soul
Ratt – Over The Edge
Aerosmith – Shela
Jetboy – Rock & Roller
Black ‘N Blue – Rockin’ On Heaven’s Door
TNT – Daisy Jane
Eisley / Goldy – I Don’t Belong Here Anymore
Love / Hate – Time’s Up