8/16 Playlist

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Jackyl – Blast Off
Motley Crue – Use It Or Lose It
KISS – Any Way You Slice It
Adam Bomb – SST
XYZ – Take What You Can
Y&T – Masters And Slaves
DIO – Wild One
UFO – Let It Rain
Yngwie Malmsteen – Crystal Ball
Scorpions – Now!
Sliver Horses – You
Deep Purple – Mean Streak
Blue Murder – Billy
Dokken – Empire
Danger Danger – Beat The Bullet
House Of Lords – Remember My Name
Killer Dwarfs – Nothin’ Gets Nothin’
Asphalt Ballet – Soul Survive
Cinderella – The More Things Change
AC/DC – Snowballed
Rush – Faithless
Angel – Magic Touch
Def Leppard – Hell Raiser
David Lee Roth – Goin’ Crazy
Alice Cooper – Dance Yourself To Death
Twisted Sister – 30
Sabaton – The Lost Battalion

8/9 Playlist

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Dead Daisies – Make Some Noise
KISS – Hell Or Halleluja
Girlschool – Fox On The Run
Bang Tango – Dressed Up Vamp
VAiN – Do You Sleep With Strangers?
Jackyl – Rally
Saxon – Never Surrender
Motorhead – Sacrifice
Black Sabbath – The Wizard
Four Horsemen – Welfare Boogie
AC/DC – Girl’s Got Rhythm
Buckcherry – Everything
Aerosmith – Girl Keeps Coming Apart
Europe – Treated Bad Again
Eyes – Love Is Alive
Rainbow – Midtown Tunnel Vision
Vixen – Only A Heartbeat Away
Bad English – Forget Me Not
Pretty Boy Floyd – Wild Angels
Rock City Angels – Keep Fighting
Great White – Desert Moon
Jetboy – Locked In A Cage
Operation Mindcrime – A Smear Campaign
Savatage – Anymore
Jim Crean – Insatiable

8/2 Playlist

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Ozzy Osbourne – Symptom Of The Universe
Raven – Ogre Battle
Judas Priest – White Heat Red Hot
Deep Purple – Highball Shooter
Tesla – Save The Goodness
Tyketto – Strip Me Down
Spread Eagle – Broken City
Skid Row – Rattlesnake Shake
D Generation – Not Going Back
Babylon AD – Blind Ambition
Vinnie Vincent Invasion – Ecstasy
Dokken – Paris Is Burning
DIO – Shame On The Night
Iron Maiden – Different World
Queensryche – The Needle Lies
Q5 – We Came Here To Rock
Triumph – Ordinary Man
Van Halen – Dance The Night Away
Ace Frehley – Bring It On Home
Wildside – Lad In Sin
Electric Angels – Drinking Song
Thunder – Laughing On Judgement Day
Firehouse – Don’t Walk Away
Manic Street Preachers – Stay Beautiful

7/26 Playlist

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Adrenaline Mob – Mob Is Back
Airbourne – Breaking Outta Hell
AC/DC – Fire Your Guns
The Poor – Ain’t On The Chain
Michael Sweet – Bizarre
TNT – As Far As The Eye Can See
Ten Ton Mojo – Pinball Girl
Overkill – Electric Rattlesnake
Scorpions – China White
Anthrax – Monster In The End
RATT – Between The Eyes
Extreme – Lil’ Jack Horny
Valentine – Runnin’ On Luck Again
Trixter – One In A Million
Def Leppard – Dangerous
Black ‘N Blue – Without Love
Blacklist Union – Superjaded
Motley Crue – Angela
Alice Cooper – Nurse Rosetta
KISS – Charisma
UFO – Just Another Suicide
Cheap Trick – Baby Loves To Rock
Bon Jovi – Only Lonely
The Last Ditches – Excuse Me
David Lee Roth – Shoot It

7/19 Playlist

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Queen – Put Out The Fire
Joe Perry Project – I Got The Rock & Rolls Again
BulletBoys – Hang On St. Christopher
LA Guns – Face Down
Guns ‘N Roses – Shadow Of Your Love
Circus Of Power – Machine
Warrior Soul – I See The Ruins
KIX – Kix Are For Kids
EZO – Back To Zero
Ozzy Osbourne – One Up The B Side
Amorettes – Let The Neighbors Call The Cops
Fastway – If You Could See
Bad English – So This Is Eden
Thin Lizzy – Killer On The Loose
Whitesnake – Sweet Talker
Tesla – I’ve Got A Feeling
White Lion – Little Fighter
KISS – Dance All Over Your Face
Tora Tora – Phantom Rider
Halford – Resurrection
Testament – Practice What You Preach
Accept – Blood Of The Nations
Van Halen – Take Your Whiskey Home
Volbeat – Goodbye Forever
Motorhead – Orgasmatron (live)

7/12 Playlist

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Twisted Sister – Wake Up (The Sleeping Giant)
Alice Cooper – Seven & Seven Is
Paul Stanley – Tonight You Belong To Me
Shark Island – Spellbound
Scorpions – Passion Rules The Game
RATT – Back For More
Slaughter – Reach For The Sky
McQueen Street – In The Mood
King Kobra – It’s My Life
Dangerous Toys – Gypsy (Black & Blue Valentine)
AC/DC – Little Lover
Aerosmith – Same Old Song And Dance
Montrose – Space Station #5
Rush – Nobody’s Hero
Y&T – All American Boy
Queen – Rock It (Prime Jive)
Kingdom Come – Stargazer
Winger – Highter And Higher
Electric Boys – Knee Deep In You
Bruce Dickinson – Laughing In The Hiding Bush
MSG – Never Trust A Stranger
Rainbow – Kill The King
Black Sabbath – Digital Bitch
Metallica – End Of The Line
Helloween – I’m Alive

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WS Image Gallery

WS Image Gallery

7/5 Dead Daisies guest!

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Iron Maiden – Wildest Dreams
Black Sabbath – Cry All Night
Judas Priest – Starbreaker
Kotzen / Harnell / JLT – Woman From Tokyo
Armored Saint – Tribal Dance
Dead Daisies – Long Way To Go
Hollywood Vampires – I Got A Line On You
Motley Crue – Smoke The Sky
Black ‘N Blue – Do Want You Want To Do
Four By Fate – Moonshine
DLR Band – Tight
Punky Meadows – Lost And Lonely
KISS – Tomorrow And Tonight
Child’s Play – Damned If I Do
Cinderella – Push Push
Warrant – Mr. Rainmaker
Bun E. Carlos – I Can Only Give You Everything
Dogs D’Amour – Medicine Man
Junkyard – Life Sentence
Quiet Riot – Love’s A Bitch
WASP – Rebel In The F.D.G.
Wolf Hoffman – Night On Bald Mountain

6/24 Playlist

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Great White – Fast Road
Dead Daisies – Long Way To Go
Poison – Want Some Need Some
Dirty Looks – It’s A Bitch
Helix – (Gene Simmons says) Rock Is Dead
Alice Cooper – It’s Me
D Generation – Apocalypse Kids
KIX – Cold Shower
Fiona – Ain’t That Just Like Love
Bon Jovi – Just Older
First Signal – She’s Getting Away
Aerosmith – Magic Touch
KISS – I Just Wanna
Flotsam & Jetsam – Seventh Seal
Queensryche – No Sanctuary
DIO – When A Woman Cries
Rival Sons – Baby Boy
The Cult – Sweet Soul Sister
Glenn Hughes – Can’t Stop The Flood
Krokus – Long Stick Goes Boom
Doro – Still It Hurts
AC/DC – Sink The Pink
Death Angel – It Can’t Be This
Anthrax – Deathrider
Aftershok – Friend Or Foe

6/17 Playlist

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TNT – Everyone’s A Star
Vince Neil – You’re Invited But Your Friend Can’t Come
LA Guns – My Koo Ka Choo
Guns ‘N Roses – Garden Of Eden
Queensryche – All There Was
Matallica – Master Of Puppets
Badlands – 3 Day Funk
Whitford St. Holmes – Shake It
KISS – All Hell’s Breaking Loose
Fates Warning – S.O.S.
Rush – Big Money
UFO – Blinded By A Lie
T. Rex – Metal Guru
Def Leppard – Animal
Southgang – Fire In Your Body
Hollywood Vampires – Bad As I Am
Circus Of Power – Dreams Tonight
Enuff Z’nuff – Holly Wood Ya
Lynch Mob – No Bed Of Roses
Scorpions – Alien Nation
Savatage – He Carve’s His Stone
Zebra – Don’t Walk Away
Black Sabbath – Spiral Architect
Volbeat – The Bliss
Motorhead – Bomber (live)